Legal / Disclaimer

Legal / Disclaimer

Disclaimer: The business listings and content featured on this business directory are exclusively provided by the respective businesses and not by The Pattaya News Company Limited (TPN Media). TPN Media holds no legal responsibility for the accuracy of the information presented herein or any issues, problems, or complaints related to the mentioned businesses.

Responsibility of Businesses: It is the sole responsibility of the businesses to keep their listings up to date and ensure the accuracy of their content. If any errors are identified, please contact the respective business directly, as TPN Media is not involved in this process.

Informational Use Only: These listings are intended for informational purposes only and are not meant for advertising, data collection, or commercial reuse.

Age or Precondition Requirements: For businesses that sell products or services to individuals of certain ages or with specific preconditions, users must meet those criteria before entering into a business relationship with that service.

Dispute Resolution: In case of any problems or complaints regarding a business, please reach out directly to the concerned business. TPN Media solely serves as a third-party listing provider and does not intervene in disputes between customers and businesses.

No Personal Endorsement: A business listing on this platform should not be interpreted as an endorsement, support, recommendation, or promotion by TPN Media of a particular business or service, nor does it imply agreement with their views, policies, or practices.